Thursday Soup Lunch.

Rainy days and cold winter weather calls for some nice soup. First time making soup, I won’t call this amazing but it was satisfying. A simple tomato soup with cannellini beans, courgettes and turkey. I had it with a thick slice of cornbread. So good. The farmers’ market here is fantastic. Everything looks fresh and […]

Thai by Weir

This is a Thai restaurant in Bath, located on the bridge after the Guildhall Market. Last Saturday I went there for lunch with a friend. It was my second time eating there and it was still as good as before. This time round I had the red curry which was equally as good as the […]

Lunch as a Reward

I’ve been reading this manga Oishii Kankei and it’s been giving me random food cravings as well as taking me on an emotional journey. Today, the craving was for salmon and rice. Being rather free today (no plans to bake teehee) I wanted to make a nice lunch. I got a bit sick of bread […]

Simple Barley salad

My 2 favourite plates again. This salad is really quick to put together. All you need to do is cook the barley. After which you can mix it together with anything you like! Today I had mine with dried cranberries, turkey breast and some super amazing organic cherry tomatoes. They are so sweet it’s crazy. […]

Weekday lunch @ Home

Salad with falafels & cherry tomatoes, topped with roasted brazil nuts and herb yogurt dressing. And a nice Japanese sweet potato (yellow). I recently bought a pack of garbanzo bean flour to make socca crackers and I was delighted to find a falafel recipe on the packet. I absolutely love falafels but it’s a shame […]

Quick and Simple Lunch

My Moroccan mushroom and couscous! I got the recipe from BBCGoodFood and tweaked it a little. Really easy to make so I had a satisfying lunch today. It’s pretty healthy too – tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots (I added them in) and it’s just simmered in a little honey. Seasoned with S&P, cinnamon and cumin. I […]