Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

I literally have been waiting for this day. I’ve been craving squash and pasta so much and was really happy to finally be able to make this! It’s so simple and very little washing up to do (because that’s all that matters hah!). The meatballs were an addition. My mum had made burgers the night […]

Thumbprint Cookies

This girl had a sudden urge to bake today. Remembering how she made these cookies the day before flying to the UK but forgot to pack them into her bag the next morning, there was a need to eat jam cookies today. This recipe is probably the easiest to remember and to make. This time […]

Apricot Chicken

This has become one of my mum’s ’emergency’ food. That is, when there’s nothing to cook and she wants it simple that night. If you google ‘apricot chicken recipes’ there are loads to choose from. So many different ways to make the same dish. A quick and easy method is to just pan fry the […]