Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

When you have over-ripe bananas in the house and refuse to eat them, what do you do? Make banana bread, duh. It’s been so long since I was constantly making my boozey rum banana breads. This one is a sober loaf though. Chocolate chips and peanut butter swirled in. Gorgeous. Everyone around me has been […]

Gluten Free Brownies

Feed. Your. Eyes. This has been my go-to brownie recipe since last year. It also never occured to me that it’s gluten-free until recently! Sorry vegans :p Currently in the midst of exam/coursework stress but I’m crazy enough to whip these up while trying to compose some music. Yeah, I’m totally concentrating on work. But […]

Baked Pancakes with Roasted Bananas

Look who’s back! Yes I’ve pretty much been gone since 2000 (just being dramatic) and I’m finally posting something. It’s just not very motivating when there’s so little daylight to work with and photos look crappy. Yes, I’m making excuses. But I must defend myself in that the year has been so busy, baking hasn’t […]

Late Post: Hot Cross Buns

I know, I know. Easter was like eons ago. I just was so busy and did not have time to post! It was my first time making hot cross buns so I was naturally nervous about the dough. It usually turns out too wet and sticky, then I get myself into a huge mess. Ugh. […]

Rosemary Soda Bread

Have I mentioned how much I love rosemary? It’s my favourite herb at the moment! I once ate an entire box of rosemary biscuits in one sitting. Yep. I told myself to stop at 2 but it didn’t happen. I had a bad experience with soda bread previously. An Irish friend gave us some and […]