Chinese New Year: Pork Dumplings


Being away from home means I don’t get to celebrate Chinese New Year with family. Mostly bummed because I don’t get any of the glorious food. It’s been 3 years now since I had any of it. I loved going visiting because you always get offered goodies and with my sweet tooth, it’s always a good thing.

This year, seeing everyone having so much New Year fun as well as being in a city where there are Asian supermarkets I decided to make some effort. I say ‘some’ but it’s really just me making what I want to eat – dumplings. I think dumplings are currently on my list of favourite foods. I’m not really a ‘favourite food’ kind of person but rather I go through phases of wanting to just eat one particular thing the whole time.


I’ve been really excited to make dumplings because there’s so many ways to wrap/fold them! The one’s that are pleated were done by my mum. I did the simple purse-like folds which look so elegant. I found the whole folding process really calming as well. Yep that’s me for you, food makes me happy.

The best thing is that you can make dumplings in advance. I made these in the afternoon in preparation for dinner so all I had to do was just get a pot of water boiling and cook them. Furthermore, you can freeze them on a tray/plate and once they’re frozen solid, put them in a freezer bag. Your very own frozen dumplings! Amazing.


I’m just singing praises for dumplings right now but they’re just so versatile! You can fill them with anything , like really. Mushroom and tofu or pork and chives or chopped up veggies. It’s just up to you.


*happy dance*

220g mince pork
100g spring onions
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 1/2 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tsp arrowroot
Dumpling skins (20-25 skins would be good)

Note: All the quantities are just a rough guide as I find with Chinese cooking a lot of it is eye-balling and tasting.


I almost forgot to mention! The dipping sauce! It is just as important as the dumpling itself. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. Literally takes 5 minutes to make or rather, put together.

All you need is finely slices ginger, soya sauce and rice vinegar. I’d say 1tbsp each of soya sauce and rice vinegar then add according to your taste.

And finally,

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 


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