Gingercake again!


Doesn’t it look so beautiful? The colour of it is just so inviting, well to me at least.

I realised that I’m very drawn to ‘dark’ versions of food if that makes any sense at all. Such as, dark chocolate, dark rye breads, chocolate cakes that are as black as night. There’s just something about the colour that calls out to me.

Anyway if you can’t tell, I’m back in London and hence decided to try the same gingercake recipe but using black treacle and dark brown sugar. It definitely intensified the rich, almost bitter taste of the cake. I also used fresh grated ginger and the cake has more spice to it.

Loving the end product of my efforts because the process of making it was hell. Okay, I exaggerate but my goodness me! Black treacle is a b*tch to work with! Thankfully I oiled my measuring cup prior to spooning it in because it did make it easier to get out of the cup. While I was struggling with the treacle then did I remember the spoon-in-hot-water tip. Yup. Strands of treacle EVERYWHERE. But that’s alright, just more time spent on clean up.


Look at that moist texture. Nomnomnom.

It is less wet on the top this time round, possibly because of the tin and oven, but it’s still soft like the first time I made it.

Because I know not many people appreciate the rich taste and I’m going to have to eat this all on my own, I’ve cut it up into quarters and thrown them into the freezer. Brilliant! That means whenever I have a ginger cake craving, I can simply just defrost some.


Happy Days!


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