Baking Biscuits!

Holiday + Some free time = bake.

That’s just logic, isn’t it?

I’ve been wanting to use my cookie cutters for a long time! I don’t usually make cookie dough, as in the kind where you roll out and cut out shapes because its always too warm in Singapore. So I finally decided to make them!


First, you make the dough. Haha yes those dents are from me poking the dough.


Roll it out! I used 2 sheets of cling film so I didn’t have to get flour everywhere.


My 2 cookie cutters! Meet Gary the giraffe and Dino the dinosaur. Yes I have no imagination. But to be fair, I just typed that out like 2 seconds ago.


My tiny work area. Yes I used that water bottle to roll out my dough :p


A few loss of body parts as they cooled.


After being glazed! I don’t know if glazing half of each cookie was a good or bad idea…

Wondering what biscuits they were? Lemon biscuits!

The only problem was that I used dark brown sugar and so the lemony flavour from the zest was pretty much overpowered by the taste of molasses. Although the glaze offered real lemony goodness!

Super simple, no-frills biscuit dough recipe from BBCGoodFood.


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