Apricot Chicken


This has become one of my mum’s ’emergency’ food. That is, when there’s nothing to cook and she wants it simple that night.

If you google ‘apricot chicken recipes’ there are loads to choose from. So many different ways to make the same dish. A quick and easy method is to just pan fry the chicken and make the apricot sauce using apricot preserve/nectar. You won’t need to use French onion soup in this case.

I won’t bother putting down a recipe here because there’s so much variety out in the web!


I’ve recently started watching ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course’ and it really lives up to it’s name. Just by watching 1 episode, I’ve learnt so much – how to sharpen a knife the right way, peeling one bulb of garlic in one go, cutting out the core of a capsicum without dealing with the seeds. Food telly shows here are so amazing…

Other good shows are ‘The Fabulous Baker Brothers’ and ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club’. I watch them on 4od 😉


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