Fruitty, Peanut Butter Granola CLUSTERS.


I really had to emphasize the word ‘CLUSTERS’ and hence the caps.

I’ve always, always wanted my home-made granola to be in chunks and not fall apart to crumbs. Okay, not literally crumbs but you know what I mean when you’re just left with separated bits and they’re not snacking-friendly. An easy way is to go to the supermarket and buy a box of granola clusters but there’s way too much sugar in them. Not healthy at all!

So after googling around I found a few recipes and mashed them together so I got the best of both worlds. I daydreamed about this granola, planned in my head how to go about making it and just obsessed over it. Weird and scary but it was all in the name of granola CLUSTERS. Yes.

Key ingredient (for this recipe) is Peanut Butter. Instead of oil, use melted peanut butter! I was really excited because I love, love, love peanut butter. 😀 Instead of maple syrup, honey. Basically, the stickier the better.

I don’t have the recipe with me anymore since I’ve moved to the UK and left my recipe books back home but I basically followed this* and made the changes mentioned above. You will need to mix all the wet ingredients together before adding to the dry.


*I increased the fat to 1/3c.



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