Lunch as a Reward

I’ve been reading this manga Oishii Kankei and it’s been giving me random food cravings as well as taking me on an emotional journey.

Today, the craving was for salmon and rice. Being rather free today (no plans to bake teehee) I wanted to make a nice lunch. I got a bit sick of bread and wraps.

On the way home I stopped by 2 supermarkets hoping to get a fillet of salmon. I was so glad the second one did! By the time I was done it was noon. The heat of the day was just unbearable. I was literally baking. I had to take a cab and after waiting for about half an hour I finally flagged one down.

So all the getting-transport-home aside, I was excited to prepare the fish and start cooking after I had a shower of course. I watched a video last night, youtube’s cookingwithdog, on how to make ochazuke but I settled for rice and miso soup. I miss miso soup 😦 mum used to make it almost every night when she was in her Japanese homecooking craze.
Some tips on cooking salmon:

– Pour some sake (Japanese rice wine for cooking) over the salmon to get rid of the fishy smell
– When cooking the fish, use a paper towel to soak up the oil to prevent burning

I’m a true asian. I can’t live without rice no matter how much I love bread.


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