The Big Day.

I can never get my layers to be nicely distinct!

Today’s the first day of my exams and since it’s an afternoon paper, I had the chance to indulge in a slow, peaceful breakfast.

I realised yogurt parfaits are a good way to get your 2 servings of fruit in one go. In mine was a slice of home-grown papaya, 1 strawberry and a hand full of raspberries with dorset & honey bunches cereal.

I think people should make parfaits more often. It’s so delightful to discover what’s hidden below each layer, supposing you didn’t make the parfait yourself. But even still, it’s good fun. Am I weird or what?

Here’s to giving my dad some ‘air-time’:

his beautiful treasures.

I need to learn how my dad does it. Big, super juicy papayas that are so sweet that sometimes you really can’t have too many slices or your blood sugar level will shoot sky high. Mind you, they’re organic!


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