Red Bean Paste aka Anko (Tsubuan)

Today is FRIDAY and so I decided that we must have dessert tonight!
It’s terrible how I have major exams next Monday and I still have the mood to make dessert. Well, I can’t resist sweet treats!

Red beans just like other beans are so versatile. It can be used in both savory and sweet foods like rice, breads, dorayaki, or as a topping with icecream parfaits. I was planning to write a little on red beans but I realised I don’t know much about them. I just like eating them. 😡

So tonight we’ll be having this with Matcha Jelly. First time making matcha jelly from scratch. When my mum made hers, she bought the Japanese jelly mix and it cost a bomb. $10 for one tiny pack! Outrageous.

The red bean paste I made is Tsubuan red bean paste so it still has the skins in the paste. The other type would be Koshian where the skins are removed by using a sieve. Silly me thought that the skins have to be removed bean by bean.

Red Bean Paste (Tsubuan) – Recipe taken from here
200g Azuki beans
100g sugar*

1. Soak the azuki beans over night.
2. Rinse the beans.
3. Use a large saucepan and place the beans in the pot. Add water until it is 1-2 inches above the beans. Turn on the heat to high.
4. After the water boils, turn of the heat and cover with the lid. Let it stand for 5 mins.
5. Drain the beans using a sieve and return the beans to the pot. Add water until it just covers the beans. Turn on the heat to high. After the water boils, turn the heat to med-low and let it simmer.
-You now have to keep watch on the beans –
6. Every now and then, push the beans below the water with a slotted spoon. As the water evaporates, you will need to keep adding water to just cover the beans. Do not add too much water!
7. After 1+ hours, check if the beans are ready by squishing one bean. If it is smashed easily, they’re ready.
8. Turn up the heat and add the sugar bit by bit, stirring constantly. The mixture will be boiling.
9. Continue stirring until the mixture is no longer wet but starts to become a paste. Make sure it does not become too dry as it will become firmer upon cooling.
10. Pour the (soon to be) paste into a baking tin to let it cool down. Do not leave it in the pot. Refrigerate after cool.

The red bean paste can be freezed in 100g packages if you’re not using all of it at once.

*I halved the amount of sugar as after adding half the amount called for, it was already quite sweet. If you want it sweeter, use 200g of sugar.

Yay! Now you have made your very own Anko!


One thought on “Red Bean Paste aka Anko (Tsubuan)

  1. Hi Clarissa! Thanks for linking back to my recipe! I shared your post on my fan page – let me know if you prefer to take it down. Thanks! 🙂

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