Who loves Pancakes? I do!

I really want some pancakes for breakfast or even for lunch 😮 I can’t even begin to describe how delicious these things are!

I made these pancakes a while back and they were the best ones I’ve made so far. They didn’t rise as much as I wanted them to but they were very fluffy inside. They all browned very nicely and evenly, including the first pancake – if you didn’t know the first one’s are always the ugliest.

I had mine with a little of this

and I was in paradise.

Ever since trying lemon sugar pancakes in Australia, maple syrup doesn’t seem that special anymore. I used to think maple syrup was the best and nothing else could surpass it. But before leaving for Australia, everyone was saying we had to try the lemon sugar pancakes and now I know why – it’s the best thing you could ever have on your pancakes! The sourness of the lemon juice paired with the sugar crystals is just so refreshing and light! Too add on to the lemony goodness, spread some lemon curd on and it’s just amazing.



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