Bircher Muesli – it’s not so bad after all!

I always saw bircher muesli as a nasty white mass of lumpy who-knows-what’s-in-it. Well, I’m a changed person now. I LOVE bircher muesli and I would eat it every morning if I could.

Being a student = no chance of having a nice sit-down breakfast. It’s always either a pb&j sandwich or cereal. After years of eating the same thing (mind you I have nothing against it) I decided it’s time for a change. I recalled the alien food, “bircher muesli”, searched for a simple recipe and whipped it up at 10pm in the night. The next morning, I had a bowl of revelation – there was no lumpy white mass. Instead it was just pure goodness of the sweet crunchiness of apples along with the chewy oats!

Okay, I’m probably making this very dramatic but you get what I mean.

Bircher Muesli – 1 Serving

50g old-fashion oats (cooking oats are fine but whole rolled oats give you that special chewiness)
100ml liquid such as apple juice or milk*
1/2 apple, grated
1/2 tspn cinnamon
Raisins or any other dried fruit

Grate your apple (or just slice it up very thinly) and put all the ingredients in a bowl.
Cover with clingwrap and refrigerate overnight. Voila!

*you could also use water and add about 1 tspn of maple syrup to sweeten although not necessary

For toppings I usually go with berries and sunflower seeds for some crunch. You can add anything from slivered almonds to a dollop of greek yoghurt, it’s your personal preference.


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