Breakfast Muffins


I can’t tell you how much I love muffins. If I could, I’d eat one everyday (until I can’t help but get sick of them).

This one is currently my favourite muffin. As the name goes, it’s packed with all the breakfast goodness you need for a great day – oats and fruit! Apples, raspberries and oats makes the muffin very wholesome along with the small amount of fat and sugar in it, just the way it should be. Plus, having the apples make the muffins very moist and spongey, unlike those dried up muffin-look-a-likes you get at cafes.

The recipe I used was very versatile. I initially halved the recipe to make 4 large (texas-sized) muffins but forgot to reduce the amount of oats and apples I used – they still turned out great! A quick and easy muffin but I still haven’t got a chance to make them again.

Try waking up earlier one morning and baking some muffins for breakfast. There’s a reason why they’re a breakfast food – all you got to do is measure all the ingredients, throw ’em in a bowl, mix it all up 10 times (not kidding here) and pop the muffin trays in the oven! You can’t go wrong with them.

The joy of having fresh warm muffins from the oven with a nice cup of tea/coffee/juice really gets your engine going for the day.


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